Resolutions Addressing Systemic & Structural Racism

RASR Partnerships

RASR works with other organizations and coalitions across the state to amplify all of our efforts to address and repair the systems that result in disparate impact on minority and historically disadvantaged communities.  We are interested in identifying areas where we can work to make needed changes in policies, practices, legislation, etc., to remove these systemic barriers.

African-American Redress Network

AARN supports organizations on the grassroots, regional and state levels in promoting reparations. Their work addresses U.S. historical racial injustices by facilitating interdisciplinary research, capacity-building, education, and advocacy.

Coming to the Table, Richmond Virginia Affiliate Group

Specializes in creating a brave, safe and welcoming space for people to engage in facilitated conversation on race around the dinner table – when possible, sharing stories over a good meal — like family.

Center for Common Ground

A non-partisan voting rights organization led by people of color.

Democracy Center Richmond, VA

Provides help with all your voting needs. For example, some of the services offered include checking voter registration status, registering to vote, and restoration of voting rights.

Richmond Pledge to End Racism

By signing this Pledge, you are committing to work every day to end racism in the Greater Richmond area.

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