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What is the Brown Grove community?

Brown Grove is a predominantly Black community founded by freedmen during the U.S. Civil War. The Brown Grove Residential Rural Historic District is a largely rural area of about 1000 acres located to the southeast of the Town of Ashland.  Included at the site are two historic churches; Slash Church, a Colonial era building, is listed on the state and national registers, and Brown Grove Baptist Church, with roots in the Reconstruction Era.  The area was also the site of the 1927 Brown Grove School and a domestic site representing 18th/19th century dwelling at the Merry Oaks Tavern parcel. 

How is the endangered place threatened?

The Brown Grove community, similar to many other African American communities throughout the US, has been routinely targeted by industrialization without appropriately assessing the racial equity impacts.  There are plans in place for imminent industrial construction in the middle of a residential neighborhood right across the street from Brown Grove Baptist Church.

http://A Historic Black Community in the United States Resists Erasure | International Center for Transitional Justice (

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