Our Team

Arthuretta Holmes Martin

Chair & Direction Lead

Arthuretta Martin retired from the Federal Government after 30 years of service as a subject matter expert in Federal Procurement and as a Civil Rights Activist. She is the owner of Words and Melodies, a social justice professional storyteller organization. She currently serves as a Board member for the Virginia Governor’s Commission on Independent Living and serves on the Board of Consortium for International Management, Policy & Development. 

Tyler J.D.

Resolution & Website Lead

During the day, Tyler works as a Congressional Grant Officer. His volunteerism includes many Democratic Party seats including: Executive Board of Democratic Party of Virginia’s LGBT+ Caucus, Steering Committee of Fairfax County, VA Democratic Committee, and Executive Board for Braddock District Democratic Committee. He was also a Virginia State Delegate in 2020. Ty is also is the CEO of Z2B Media, a political consulting firm for those running for office in the digital world. 

Melissa Hartman

Strategic Planning Lead

Dr. Melissa Hartman is co-founder and managing partner for Hartman Consulting Group. Dr. Hartman was a member of the federal government’s Senior Executive Service and served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency and Records for the Department of the Treasury. She was responsible for the performance and outcomes of a variety of programs including Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), records management, information collection and governance, privacy and civil liberties, open government, and library services.

Rashad Pearson

Housing & Evictions LEAD

Rashad is a Financial Analyst with the Department of Navy. He is a Free Mason and is a proud member of Central Lodge #1 in Indianapolis. Politically, he is heavily involved with the Chesapeake Democratic Committee. Rashad was also a 2020 Democratic Party State Delegate for Bernie Sanders and was elected as a Bernie Sanders National Delegate for Virginia Congressional District 4.

Rashad has a deep affinity for racial and social progress in America and is very passionate about any humanitarian based cause. He specializes in housing and eviction racial disparities in Virginia and throughout the nation. 

Zeina Hutchinson

PALESTINE Activist lead

Zeina Hutchison is an elected Bernie Sanders 2020 State and National Delegate to the DNC from Virginia. As a rights and political activist advocating for equality, justice and freedom, Zeina actively engages in grassroots movements to amplify women’s voices and elevate the causes of those who are oppressed, excluded, or marginalized. She was born in Jerusalem and raised in Ramallah. As a Palestinian American, she continues to highlight the parallels between the ongoing oppressions of Palestinians and American minorities.

Stephen Spitz

Criminal Justice LEAD

Civil rights lawyer for 35 years, now retired. Active as national Co-Chair of the End Corporate Rule Issue Organizing Team for Progressive Democrats of America, as well as PDA’s co-coordinator for Virginia. Co-Chair of the Election Law and Protection Committee of the Fairfax County Democratic 

Susan Virginia Mead

Community Activist

Dr. Susan Virginia Mead, a native of Lexington, Virginia, earned her B.A. in Sociology and Art from Agnes Scott College, and her M.S. and Ph.D.in Sociology from Virginia Tech. She has taught in a variety of settings in the Commonwealth, including Virginia Tech, Radford University, Roanoke City and Franklin County Public Schools, Floyd’s Blue Mountain School and the Floyd Center for the Arts; she is now in her 24th year of teaching sociology at Ferrum College.  In 2016, Susan established Diversity Serves, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to “connecting diverse communities through creating sustainable partnerships for cultivating prosperity and peace.”  Diversity Serves has focused on facilitating educational endeavors for South Sudanese youth, educating people of all ages about the rich heritage of Appalachia, and stirring community conversations about diversity everywhere.

Marwa Eltaib

Community Activist

Marwa was an elected National Delegate for the National Democratic Convention in 2020 where she assisted efforts in building the National Democratic Platform. Marwa is a renowned activist in Virginia that has led many initiatives addressing criminal justice reform and focused on systemic change. She is also a Gilman Scholar from the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mary Ann White

Community Activist